The will to wonder is a gravity that has tugged at me since my beginning. It fills me with galaxies and shakes the dust from my tangled DNA. For sanity's sake I will listen closely to its careful whispers and wander far from who I used to be.  (November 2015)

Associate Degree Graphic Design, Bergen Community College: 2012-2014
Associate Degree Fine Art, Bergen Community College 2015-2016
Graphic Designer and Manager at Today's Business Marketing Agency: 2014 - Present
Freelance Illustration, Personal Education, + Design Work

• Adobe Photoshop CC
• Adobe Illustrator CC
• Adobe InDesign CC
• Adobe After Effects CC
• Microsoft Word 2010
• User Experience + User Interface
• Website Design
• Brand Expansion + Logo Design
• Traditional + Digital Illustration
• Working knowledge of Dreamweaver, CSS, + HTML 5
• Can eat an entire cheesecake by himself

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